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CMS Website Themes

Bistro Theme

Theme package is set up as a starter, something to whet your appetite, give you food for thought and get the juices flowing.

'Bistro' is a fully responsive widescreen theme with four 'preset' colour schemes (Blue, Brown, Green and Yellow), a couple of custom blocks and templates. Each colour scheme has it's own 'typeface' for headings, by default the 'Blue' theme uses 'Caviar Dreams', the 'Brown' theme uses 'Roboto Slab', the 'Green' theme uses 'Riesling' and the 'Yellow' theme uses 'Lane Narrow'. All heading typefaces can be changed.

The site set up is fairly typical and fully functional. However nothing is set in stone and everything can be changed or modified.

Live demo

Help on how to add, edit or delete stuff can be found on documentation page, which is included on installation. However the page is not seen by visitors or search engines, by using 'page attributes' it is excluded from ever being seen.

Also on installation a sample menu in pdf form is placed in the ‘File Manager’ which can be viewed/downloaded by customers. The sample can be deleted and replaced with your own.

See menu

We used 'Affinity Designer' to create the pdf. An incredible (and cheap) alternative to Adobe. You MUST try it:

Bistro - Concrete5 Website Theme

Wieldy Theme

A lightweight, 'widescreen', fully 'Customisable' theme built with HTML5 and CSS3 that fits all desktops and mobile devices perfectly. Smooth transition between all page widths, no jumpy break points.

The theme is grid enabled with a unique css framework and utilises the power of the concrete5 'Layout' option. Create page layouts exactly as you want them to look. No need for a multitude of page types.

'Open Sans' font for headings (Google webfonts).

Responsive multi level 'Drop down menu'.
Two 'autonav' block options - side vertical nav and flat horizontal nav.
Back to top button.
Fixed header.
Sticky footer.

Custom Block:
Cta Button.

Custom Templates:
autonav, image slider and page list.

Image slider template allows for image titles and a description to sit on top of a semi-opaque black background.

Demo site.

Wieldy - Concrete5 Website Theme